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Tooling 3D Inspection And Adjustment

Dedicated tools, moulds, jigs and fixtures are all meant to produce repeatable and quality compliat results. Meeting the technical specifications and standards regarding the accuracy and repeatability is of paramount importance since volumetric accuracy of the final product depends on the tools and assembly jigs.

Our team is highly skilled in the 3D inspection of tooling and jigs, using a broad range of 3D portable coordinate measuring machines such as laser trackers, articulated arms or laser radar, all backed by a range of dedicated 3D inspection software packages.

Our typical inspection process not only determines the non compliant elements but we also mechanically adjust the jigs to meet the requirements.

Where meeting the criteria involves re-machining or performing highly specialised intervention, we assist the clients in re-working or adjusting the part either by on site continuous monitoring of the parts or by informing them about the anomaly and the solution to be taken in order to reach the specifications. After reworking and reassembling the parts our technician will measure and adjust again the part in the final assembly.

Along with the first article inspection performed on the new jigs, we can also perform regular checks on the already installed jigs in order to monitor the production drifts due to wear or displacement.

The final stage of the 3D inspection process will consist in issuing the dimensional control report in PDF format, according to the clients’ specifications.

Typical Applications of Jigs and Tooling 3D Inspection

  • Automotive welding jigs three dimensional control;
  • Aerospace jigs 3D adjustment of the components;
  • Aerospace tooling alignment and setting up;
  • Large assemblies alignment;
  • On site gravitational positioning of large tooling structures;
  • Support in the relocation of jigs between sites;
  • Preventive maintenance, production drift monitoring;

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