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Part to Cad 3D Inspection Services On site

The principle of part to 3D CAD inspection is to compare a manufactured part or assembly with it’s theoretical values rendered by a 3D CAD model in our case.

While for some simple surface manufactured parts a geometrical inspection will generally yeld satisfactory results, for complex surface parts the 3D CAD nominal comparison is the only dimensional control option.

A 3D CAD model contains a virtually infinite array of nominal values, allowing the 3D inspector to illustrate the parts’ dimensional deviations on any surface in any chosen point.

Given the quality, speed and wealth of dimensional information gathered, the CAD to part 3D control has become a standard and preferred method for many industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, tool makers and military applications. Along with the 3D CAD model it a standard practice to use 2D Cad manufacturing blueprints that add valuable information such as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and part identification information.

The part to Cad 3D inspection procedures instruct us probe the required 3D points’ positions, compare them to the 3D CAD provided, analise the parts’ deformation and non-conformity values and supply to the client a graphic and numeric report containing the results.


Given the higher level of information conveyed by the 3D CAD models, it has also become a standard procedure to join the parts within an assembly based on the 3D CAD assembly model.

Portable coordinate measuring machines such as laser trackers or articulated arms can position one part with respect to the other based on common reference points (holes, common datum, pins, pin-holes, etc) and check every dimensional aspect of the final assembly.

The 3D CAD based assemblies are extensivly used in tool manufacturing such as automotive and aerospace jigs and fixtures, along with other industries that need precise parts alignment.

Typical applications of Part to Cad Inspection Services:


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