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Laser Tracker Geometrical 3D Inspection

The 3D geometric measurements are meant to determine probed values of the parts to be inspected along the axis of a coordinate system. They usually rely on a blueprint described alignment and are performed to determine the coordinates of certain points or assist in aligning and positioning parts in a bigger assembly.

Along with the points’ coordinates, the blueprint nominal comparison can illustate other deviations such as form fault, diameters, wrong vector inclination, etc. Geometric measurements are widely used in cases where the 3D model is missing or to align parts of an assembly based on certain common points or on the position of certain elements.

Typical applications

  • Metalworks casters and rolling mills 3D alignment inspection;
  • Tool building - Jigs and fixtures alignment, gravitational positioning;
  • Tool verification, tool certification based on blueprints nominals;
  • Machine tools alignment and positioning;
  • 3D measurement of parts when 3D models are missing;

Instruments for 3D geometric measurements

Depending on the size of the parts, reliable 3D geometric measurements can be performed with the entire range of 3D coordinate measuring machines. Portable 3D measurement instruments such as laser trackers and articulated arms have the advantage that they can work directly on site and in process, cutting down time and resources.

The laser tracker used on large scale assemblies brings the advantage of a very good accuracy and real-time positioning of the parts, while the articulated arms can be easily positioned directly on the assembly and yeld highly accurate results.


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