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3D Mechanical Alignment On Site

The competitive manufacturing requirements by the industries' standards impose short production time and tighter tolerances that consequently lead to quality improvement and lower production cost. The precise alignment of machine tools and assemblies parts lead to lower machine downtime and a better performance.

By using portable 3D measurement instruments such as laser trackers and 3D measurement arms Axist can assist the manufacturing plants in achieving their quality control targets.We can solve our clients’ alignment issues directly on site, in the production plant by preciselly identifying the misalignments and adjust them according to the clients’ needs.

Whether it’s about rollig mills misalignment, hydroelectric turbines, jigs and fixtures or various driveshafts and bores, we have the right 3D alignment portable instruments and the right skills rewuired by the job. Once the reference information established (reference lines, points, reference datum) our laser tracker 3D alignment services help our clients minimize downtime and increase productivity.

Typical applications for 3D alignment:

  • 3D rolling mills alignment ;
  • Precission 3D shaft alignment;
  • Precission bore and shaft alignment;
  • Machine tools 3D inspection and alignment;
  • 3D bore and bearing alignment;
  • Rail alignment and rail installation assistance;
  • Jig and fixture set-up and alignment;

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