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On Site 3D Dimensional Inspection Services

3D Dimensional Control Issues With Your Products ?

We can provide you a team of specialists in 3D dimensional control, with expertise in various industrial fields. We apply the latest 3D dimensional inspection technologies, state of the art metrology portable instruments and 3D inspection software such as: Laser Trackers, Measurement Articulated Arms, High Precision Total Stations.

The general concept of 3D dimensional inspection is that of real time comparison of measured values with the nominal values as derived from CAD models and specifications, both 3D (Catia, SolidWorks, etc) and 2D (printed execution drawings, Autocad files, etc).

Typical applications for 3D dimensional control:

3D measurements with portable coordinate measurement machines:

  • The speed of results’ analysis: 3D measurement and analysis in real time;
  • High precision and accuracy for all 3D dimensional control measurements;
  • The possibility of getting a large number of sampled points in order to illustrate the real geometry of the part;
  • The possibility of analysing and correcting the deviations in short time;
  • The high flexibility and the possibility of performing the dimensional inspection on client’s premises, avoiding costs and maximizing efficiciency time-wise;
  • The possibility of using the acquired data in some other technological processes;
  • Standard results, easy to convert in other formats;
  • Identify the problems and find the right solutions in the shortest time;

In the dynamic environment in which you perform your activity, for the projects in which timing and synchronization are critical, the identification of problems and solutions in real time save time and money. 3D measurements are only a component in finding and applying the right solutions.

We can assist you with dedicated metrological analysis, custom reports based on your requirements and our experience in finding the right solutions to dimensional control issues.


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