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3D Portable Dimensional Inspection Instruments

3D dimensional control instruments are widely used in production lines to check manfactured parts against their design specifications. The range of applications calls for a thorough understanding of the 3D measurement needs and precision requirements therefore reaching the desired results is also a matter of choosing the right instruments and processes.

Most of the times the stakes are high and choosing the right 3D inspection instruments and software applications is of a great importance since the final results depend on it.

When facing a dimensional control dilemma, some of the factors that may make or break a good decision are: 

  • The precision of the instrument that needs to do the job, based on the tolerances;
  • The volume of the part to be measured;
  • The shape of the parts or assemblies to be measured (internal features, depths, sharp edges, etc);
  • The 3D measurement instrument’s portability;
  • The instrument’s ease of use;
  • The maintainance costs of the 3D measurement system, both for hardware/accesories and software options;
  • The speed of 3d inspection operation, required volume of data;
  • The sensor type used in the 3D control insptrument (contact or non contact probes);  
  • The number of identical parts to be measured calls for an automatic 3D meassurement CMM, or a manual instrument will do?
  • The experience of the 3D dimensional inspection equipment operator;

During our years of experience in the field of portable 3D dimensional metrology, given the large number of 3D measurement challenges we encounter on our daily activity we have managed to sum up the needs of our clients and adjust our 3D measurement equipment and accesories accordingly.

The range of our instruments covers most of our clients’ dimensional control needs. Please find a detailed description of our mainly used instrument types below:

3D Portable Metrology Instruments: Laser Trackers 

  • Laser Tracker Build Characteristics; 
  • Laser Tracker Operating Principle;
  • Laser Tracker Advantages; 
  • Typical 3D Control Applications For Laser Tracker 

3D Portable Metrology Instruments: Poly Articulated Arms

  • Articulated Arms Build Characteristics; 
  • Articulated Arms Operating Principle;
  • Articulated Arms Advantages; 
  • Typical 3D Control Applications For Articulated Arms 



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