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Steel Industry - Casters and Rolling Mills

Rolling Mills 3D Geometrical Inspection

Unwated metalsheet bendings, unequal rolling thickness, faulty rolling direction, they can all be the result of a rolling misalignment or excessive equipment wear. Proper rolling mills alignment has a direct impact on metalsheet quality and rolling speed preventing also premature equipment wear and failure. The 3D dimensional inspection on rolling mills is key to a good understanding of the equipment’s wear and misalignment leading to real time corrective measures in a preventive manner.

The misalignment in the housing mills is usually a cumulative process, summing up the wear on the chocks and that on the housing mill’s plates. The alignment in this case is a two step process, involving the adjustment of every choke and rolling mill’s window. We accuratelly 3D inspect both the rolling mill’s housing and the chocks to determine the wear magnitude and its precise location.

The chocks’ wear is determined both as an overall distance from plate to plate and also by a 3D measurement of the distances from the bearing’s center (choke’s middle axis) to each of the faces. By knowing every plate’s deviation from the center, corrective measures can be taken on each plate individually so that the repairs can center the cylinder between the chocks and in the overall assembly.

The housing is also critically important for the cylinder’s alignment since it positions the kinematic parts in the rolling mill. By a precise inspection on the rolling mill’s housing, starting from the housing mill’s middle axis, wear on the plates can be determined and corrected. By reducing the geometrical errors both on the rolling mill’s window and on the chokes’ wear plates the cylinders will get back into the alignment position, fact that will be further checked and reported.

Typical Applications of 3D Geometrical Inspection on Rolling Mills

  • Laser Tracker 3D dimensional inspection of chocks; 
  • 3D dimensional control of rolling mills housings; 
  • 3D alignment of housing mills cylinders; 
  • General alignment services based on 3D Cad models, pre-defined axis or machine parts; 
  • 3D dimensional survey of continuous casters; 
  • Real time 3D positioning of rollers, bearings and driveshafts; 

The results of 3D inspection and adjustment:

  • Increase in rolling speed;
  • Shorter product lead time;
  • Minimize scrapping and reworking;
  • Minimize faulty products and penalties;
  • Reducing maintainance downtime;
  • Reducing the equipments’ premature wear;
  • Reaching the equipments’ maximum performance;
  • Increase in the quality of the final product;



What Can Axist Romania Do For You

We gained our experience in rolling mills 3D inspection and repairing assistance over the last 7 years in various plants around the world. Our 3D control procedure leads to a thorough understanding of the rolling mill’s technical parameters given the detailed level of measurement of the component parts.

In the alignment of continuous castings and rolling mills the use of portable instruments such as laser trackers  or total stations allows remarkable time-savings on 3D inspection, increasing both absolute precission and repeatability. These dimensional inspection instruments work with 3D control software applications that allow to produce reference systems and to align the instrument anywhere on common points , when several positions are needed; This way, all measurements are referred to a unique reference system, to guarantee the highest reliability of the measures themselves.

Along the 3D inspection procedure, we work closelly with the clients’ technical teams and support them in getting as musch infomation as they may require. Not only do we issue easy to understand reports containing all the necessary details, but we also discuss the results and come up with possible solutions. 


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