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3D Dimensional Inspection Aerospace

Tight tolerances, large scale parts and materials with different properties are specifications all too often met in the aerospace industry. A real challenge to the 3D dimensional inspection, the 3D measurement and alignment of aerospace jigs and fixtures is an integral part of our 3D manufacturing control.

During the quality inspection procedures we have always relied on our state of the art 3D measurement equipment such as laser trackers and articulated arms, getting to meet the 3D inspection requirements and reach the clients' goals. Using 3D control mobile instruments allows us to perform on site 3D inspections, on various sizes of aircraft parts, directly on the aircraft manufacturing plant, meeting the client's need of shorter lead times and cost efficiency. The aerospace industry brings special challenges with regards to accuracy, precision , speed of measurement and 3D alignment of various aircraft parts, jigs and fixtures used on th eassembly lines during the aircraft's manufacturing process.

In the aerospace manufacturing processes the 3D inspection and alignment of aircraft parts are high complexity processes which can be carried out in good conditions by using hi tech portable CMM instruments such as laser trackers and 3D measuring arms. The three dimensional inspections performed in the aerospace industry must be able to handle challenges brought by the 3D measurement procedures, the scale of the aircraft parts to be inspected, the intruments’ accuracy and calibration requirements, the quantity and quality of data gathered as a result of the 3D control processes.

By intimatelly knowing the 3D inspection intruments’ characteristics, by choosing the best technical solution to each challenge and experienced operators as a response to various requirements leads to a precise identifying of non-conformities and error adjustment, an increase in the dimensional quality control and cost optimisation. By using our state of the art 3D contact measurement solutions along with the industry cutting edge three dimensional inspection software we can help our aerospace clients reach shorter product lead times, minimize scrapping and reworking of aircraft parts.

Frequent 3D inpection procedures required in aerospace industry:

  • 3D dimensional inspection of flight components;
  • Part to CAD compliance 3Dd  inspection;
  • 3D dimensional control of assemblies and structures;
  • 3D tooling inspection, nominal comparison; 
  • 3D dimensional control of antennas;
  • 3D dimensional control of satellites;
  • The study of the plastc and elastic deformations as a result under workload;

Be it a first article inspection, aerospace jigs or fixtures 3D control, general quality check, large or small assembly parts that need to be aligned, Axist has the right  tools and skills to assist you in reaching your technical specifications, shortening the lead time and cutting down the final cost while maintaining the top quality of your aircraft components and assemblies. 


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