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3D Control Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has known an unprecedented development both on innovation and quality, setting up new quality control standards for automotive components and the finite products. Building a car involves manufacturing and assembling a big number of components that need precise 3D inspection and alignment, using high precision 3D measurement instruments and software applications in order to meet the quality standards’ requirements.

The state of the art portable contact measurement CMM we use (3D dimensional control Laser trackers and poly articulated arms) along with our experience in the automotive 3D dimensional inspection and quality control are meant to support your company in achieving the quality specifications. 

We gained our experience in various automotive fields, with clients covering a large geographical base across Europe.

3D Dimensional Inspection Services In The Automotive Industry

  • The Analysis Of Technical Specifications And The Issuing Of  Dimensional Control Plans And Procedures;
  • 3D Dimensional Control Of Automotive Molds;
  • 3D Inspection Of Automotive Components; 
  • Automotive Chassis 3D Measurement; 
  • Car Plastic Interior Parts 3D Inspection; 
  • 3D Inspection Of Automotive Specific Fixtures And Jigs;
  • 3D Measurement And Alignment For Automotive Components;
  • Body In White 3D Dimensional Inspections On Site;
  • Data Acquisition For Reverse Engineering;
  • Part To Cad Inspection On All Automotive Parts; 

In the pursuit of creating, maintaining and developing new long term partnerships, along with the 3D inspection of automotive parts and assemblies we also provide automotive jig settings (reference adjustments based on shims). Our 3D metrological services include automotive jigs 3D inspection and shim based setting. All of our 3D inspections can be carried out based on the clients’ 3D CAD model or based on 2D execution drawings.

Frequent Applications Of 3D Measuremets In The Automotive Industry

  • Car body 3D Inspection;
  • Automotive Components 3D Inspection (chasis geometry control, car body parts inspection, internal elements inspection, etc);
  • The 3D Inspection Of Automotive Jigs And Fixtures And Components Alignment (Automotive Welding Jigs);
  • 3D Control Of Robot And Kinematic Assemblies Repeatability (Robot Positioning, Robot Repeatability);
  • Design – Reverse Engineering;

Be it a single part 3D inspection, jigs and fixtures, 3D control and adjustment, dynamic behaviour analysis, automotive equipment wear, or body in white final inspection, Axist has the right portable 3D inspection CMM solutions and 3D inspection software to meet your needs in achieving shorter product lead times, rapid first article inspection, minimal scrapping and reworking, providing proof that your automotive parts meet the specifications, ultimatelly cutting down lead time and production cost.


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