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3D Inspection Services By Industry

The modern dimensional control technologies address a wide range of metrological specifications typical for various industrial applications which require high precision 3D measurement services. Both the measurements’ high accuracy and the ease of use of the portable measurement instruments have set as a standard in the field of the dimensional control metrological equipments such as laser trackers and poly articulated measurement arms.

As a result of the increase in the number and specifications of metrology standards the clients demand 3D dimensional control services based on a high level of accuracy and an an increasing amount of precise information.

We are a company that specializes in 3D dimensional services on the client’s premises. Our goal is to support clients with dimensional inspection services at the highest standards using the most accurate portable metrology equipment. We gained our experience in dimensional control services by working in various industries across Europe, Asia and Midlle East.

3D Dimensional Control Services – Frequent Applications By Application:

Automotive 3D Dimensional Inspection Jigs and Fixtures ;

  • Assembly Guides: Pins, Holes, Surface Alignment;
  • Welding Rigs and Fixtures Inspection;
  • Final Assembly 3D Inspection;

Aerospace Rigs And Fixtures 3D Dimensional Inspection

  • 3D Dimensional Control Of Rigs and fixtures;
  • 3D Inspection Of Final Assembly;

3D Dimensional Control In Steel Industry

3D Dimensional Control In Shipbuilding Industry

  • Transmission Shafts Alignment;
  • 3D Laser Tracker Based Geometry Measurement;
  • Ship Components Alignment;
  • Ship Propeller Three Dimensional Control;

3D Dimensional Control For The Energy Industry

  • 3D Inspection Of Gas Turbines;
  • Turbine Alignment;
  • 3D Inspection Of Windmill Blades, etc

3D Dimensional Control of Plastic

  • Production Lines Mold 3D measurement;
  • Assembly Guides Inspection;
  • 3D Control of Components And Final Products;

3D Dimensional Inspection Of Composite Production Lines:

  • Mold 3D Measurement;
  • Assembly Guides Inspection;
  • 3D Control Of Components And Final Products;

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